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So Out of Touch

I feel so out of touch! Like I'm the mandarin oranges suspended in the strawberry jelly of life. All wibbly-wobbly with gelatin in my ears.

Great. Now I'm going to have "Wrath of Khan" nightmares.

Anyway, we're moving in a week or so to another place within Boise. Life is full of boxes and packing paper. Our furry kids couldn't be happier with their new cardboard jungle-gyms. I never think we've accumulated much stuff until I have to pack. After multiple trips to Goodwill, Deseret, and a used bookstore to trade in... there's still a ridiculous amount to pack. This is silly. I'm off to go violently Thoreau on the remaining closets.

I have nothing to say

I seem to have nothing to say, lately. Too much going on with work, class, upcoming craft show, and home life. So I'll share some pics, instead.

This is the tippy-tops of some pampas grass, with an autumn tree peeking over the top.

What with everyone having babies

I was starting to feel left out. No longer!

Today we had three kittens surrendered to us, who were born on Easter Sunday. They were abandoned outside. The people who found them had been feeding them goat milk and not keeping them consistently warm. Baby cats are not baby goats, nor baby cows. Baby cats need baby cat formula. At five days old, these tiny babies have frost bite and are malnourished.

I took them straight to West Vet. They have a 50% chance of survival. This particular foster mummy doesn’t like having her heart broken and will do her best to bring all three tiny boys through this alive. You hear that, kiddos? *shakes fist*

Right now they’re so young that they will need to be fed and pottied every two hours, around the clock. They have to stay properly warm. It’s a lot of work, but frequently crazy rewarding. Once they're healthy, I get to hand them off to a volunteer who will have to deal with them crawling hither and yon.

If they make it through the night I'll post photos tomorrow. Wish these tiny babies luck. They'll need it. Weird, but I do love fostering bottle babies. The trick is not adopting them all.

This Week In The News

So guess who administered vaccines to cats for the very first time today. Go on, guess!

Do you give up?

It was me! *swoons from happiness*


I managed to coerce Travis into driving around Hidden Springs with me, so we could look at Xmas lights.

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On My Early Morning Drive

I went to drop the latest batch of kittens off at the vet's to be altered, and had to stop for a few photos at Freezeout Hill. The fog was so thick that I was really grateful for the painted foglines on the road.

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Thanksgiving at the Shelter

Yes, I had to work on the holiday, but it was fun. We gave the cats "catnip pizzas" that were donated to the shelter. The results were hilarious.

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*le sigh*

So much unpacking to do. I suspect a great deal of this will go on Craigslist, soon. Combining households as an adult is a tricky art.

Whose coffee table do we keep? Do we really need three of them? What about dishes? Didn't we just do this two years ago? I guess the process is going to be ongoing for a bit longer.

And then there's the "Of course I like the ornate three-ton lamp your mother gave you. Let's keep it." Like I said, a tricky art. I'm sure he's doing the same dance for me.

Happy birthday to Impish!

Happy birthday to you! I'll spare you the actual singing, since I don't want to start the neighborhood dogs howling.

Pssst! Everybody else.... Sneak on over there and wish impish a happy birthday. :)